How Sound Connects You with Your Baby


For new mothers like myself, the pregnancy experience is a journey of firsts. From hearing the first heartbeats, seeing my baby on the ultra sound and, feeling the first flutters.

What is Singing Bowl Therapy?

In a relaxed and meditative state, The Andean Apothecary uses the art of sound therapy from Singing Bowls to create an open flow of energy, creating a stronger bond between the mother and the growing fetus.

Singing Bowls therapy uses seven bowls, which represents the seven chakras within us, the mix of sounds, energizes each chakra stimulating different parts of the body—crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root.

Each sound from the bowl will open your chakra in its own way to clear obstructions and restore flow within the body.

Relaxation: The sound frequency relieves the exhaustion built up in certain parts of the body, creating a harmonious flow to restore balance. This is done by stimulating the chakras through vibrations.

Connecting with your baby: The sound waves vibrate through the chakras that lie on a path through the body, so as the frequency from the bowls vibrate it is the shared experience that connects mom to the not-yet born baby.

How does this therapy work?

We begin with Katherine, our teacher presiding over our group meditation, which focuses on our energies and the positive intentions we wish to bring during the session.

And for the next 45-minutes, the different sounds of the bowls begin to vibrate through the room, creating a peaceful zone between being awake and a state of sleep.

 To book your next session, add Katherine on WeChat: kathzeim