5 Truths About DNAFit For Your Post Baby Body


Nothing tests the boundaries of a human body as much as a woman undergoing pregnancy. From hormone swings to swelling bodies, growing a tiny human inside can be hard work.

As I become more attuned to the healthier choices for an easier delivery, I also become more invested in finding the right exercise nutrition and fitness regiment for bouncing back to pre-baby shape. (To be brutally honest, I had spent 1 year before getting pregnant to get into top physical shape, but have failed miserably. Not because of the lack of exercise, but because none of the exercise that used to whip me back in shape easily, suddenly didn’t work well at all!)

When DNAFit started showing up on my WeChat feed, the “aha” moment hit me.

Is this the lifelong answer to all my nutrition and fitness regiment?

Can I use this scientific data to plan my pregnancy nutrition?

How soon can I be back to pre-pregnancy shape and, is it possible to be in even better shape?

I met with JP Neal from DNAFit Shanghai, to get to the truth of things. And here are 5 Truths of DNAFit you should know before deciding if this is for you.

1. You Get a Tailored Nutrition Assessment


In a nutshell, our lifetime genetic test is targeted at 45 of both your personal nutrition and fitness genes. You can learn about your nutritional genes and finally find that diet that best fits you according to your DNA.

You can also learn about your fitness genes and find the best way to train according to your genetic fitness results. No more wasting time on fad diets and exercises that won’t give you results!

2. Eating Healthy Is Not Eating Right


 “Eating healthy” means different things to different people. For example, if you have a very low sensitivity to carbs and you subscribe to a no/low-carb diet, you might be missing out on healthy, complex carbs your body needs for fuel and energy. You could be sabotaging yourself because you are following a diet made for highly carb-sensitive people! This test will let you know what sensitivities you have and what nutrients you need, in order to help you create a balanced diet specifically for YOU and not for just any ‘average’ person.

3. You Can Eat Your Way to Losing Weight


Absolutely! This test will give you the recommended foods suited to your body. By consuming better food and nutrients you are more genetically suited to process (and avoiding the ones you aren’t), it will help your entire digestive tract and nervous system work more efficiently and will provide you with overall better health in all aspects of your diet and fitness.

4.  Any Exercise Is Effective For You


This test will equip you with power/endurance results for targeted training exercises. It’ll let you know if you belong on that treadmill or if you’re better suited to power-based HIIT training.  It will also provide you with your injury risk, recovery speed and post-workout nutrition results to help create an optimal training plan targeted at your personal DNA so there’s no more guessing game in the gym as to what will work for you. Every minute of your workout can be focused on what works for YOU – providing you with more efficient training for much better results.

Currently, DNAFit is in partnership with Golden Gloves Boxing, wArzong BJJ, Iron Dragon Crossfit, AFit, etc…) They offer different packages to include memberships with gyms and partnerships with food companies to provide discounts on products.

For more information on DNAFit, you can contact JP via his WeChat ID: RaiderNation