All About Sex When You Are Expecting


Even as we are baby bumpin’ we can still expect to feel turned on and frisky. Here is how to do it safely when you are expecting.


If your doctor says you can do it, enjoy it! But keep in mind some positions will need to change based on your growing bump.

First Trimester: No bars held. Enjoy like you would normally. Feeling extra sexy because of new pregnancy glow? Why not use this newfound confidence and Kama Sutra?

Second Trimester:

Once you’re 20 weeks along, try to avoid positions where you are on your back because the enlarged uterus will put pressure on your heart, which will affect blood flow to the placenta.

Goodbye Missionary, time to try other positions. One that is quite comfortable this time is the hands and knees) or, reverse spooning.

Third Trimester:

 Your body will be enlarged at this point, so unless you are uncomfortable there is no reason to stop. There are plenty of positions to try other than being on the back, so get creative! Woman on top, from behind, standing up… all provide pleasurable experiences for both partners.

Can pregnancy sex harm the baby? No. The baby is not nestled in the vagina; in fact the baby is deeper in the womb, behind the cervix where even an endowed partner will not be able to reach (sorry dad’s, you are not as big as you think). Unless your doctor has specifically put you on a bed rest and refraining from any sort of sexual activity, do so as you please.

Can you have oral sex during pregnancy? Yes. You may enjoy each other orally however; make sure your partner does not blow into the vagina during oral sex as it can cause an air embolism, which can be fatal to you and your baby.


Adult toys are a great stimulant during this period, as many of the woman parts will be enlarged.

But, there are a few things to note before getting too freaky in the bedroom.


Most pregnant women will not need to use lubricants, as this is the time where they are extremely wet. But, hormones are different for everyone and for some it can also be a dry period. If you need to shop, find one that is water based. This will reduce risk of irritation or infection.

Stay away from lubricants that contain glycerin, parabens or fragrances, which can cause irritation. Also, any enhancing pleasure lubricants (tingling, heat) should be avoided since vaginal walls are extremely sensitive.


Take extra caution during this time and be sure to clean the toys properly before each use to prevent infection. Similarly, do not share toys between your vajayjay and your bum. Most importantly, when using dildos, don’t go for something too hard and don’t go too forceful or too deep.


And, if you are still hesitant to do it, even if you have your doctor’s blessing, here are four points you should remember:

  1. Out of this world orgams – thanks to enlarged genital and pelvic regions

  2. Always in the mood – Blame it on the hormones for getting you in the mood

  3. Health benefits – it’s relaxing and can help lower blood pressure

  4. Keep your Relationship Alive – it will bring you and your partner closer


The information in this article has been gathered from many sources, Always be safe and check with your doctor for any questions. Laura Streicher, M.D., Love Sex Again; Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, American Baby; Ari Brown, M.D, Expecting 411; Babycenter; Parents

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