10 Most Ridiculous Pregnancy Myths


When you are pregnant, it seems everyone and his or her mothers want to give you a piece of advice. Here are the 10 most ridiculous ones we have heard…


1. Radiation Proof Clothing

As if pregnancy isn’t comfortable enough, now you have to adjust your maternity wear to include radiation proof clothing to protect against computers, photo copy machines, mobile phones.

2.  Loose Clothing

Pregnancy should be comfortable, and that means loose clothing. Enjoy dressing like a tent for the next 9 months!

3. Don’t Lift Arms Over The Head

Don’t stretch your arms to get that file/can/blanket in the upper cabinet! If you lift your arms up, you might dislodge the baby

4. Eat A Lot

It doesn’t matter that you only need an extra 500 calories during your pregnancy per day, the Chinese will encourage you to eat, eat and eat for that growing fetus to be sure it gets all the nutrients. Especially warming foods.

5. Don’t Eat Crab

 The Chinese might encourage you to eat a lot, but stay away from cooling foods. And crabs are known to be extremely cooling. But they also believe if you eat crabs, your baby might be born with 11 fingers.

6. Eat Light Colored Foods

Being fair skinned is a prized beauty quality. So it goes without a doubt when pregnant, the expectant mom is advised to eat all white foods to ensure a fair skinned babe. Say Zai Jian to soy sauce, and coffee

7. Don’t Sit Cross-Legged

Heaven forbid you sit with your legs crossed as that will create instability for the pelvis, resulting in a painful birth.

8. Get a Short Hair Cut

Babies need all the nutrients while being developed. Keeping long hair will take away nutrients from the growing babe. Expectant moms are advised to keep their ‘do short.

9. Look at beautiful babies



Expectant moms should surround themselves with beautiful objects and surroundings, and even photos of beautiful babies so their little one can come out looking beautiful.

10. No Cursing

Moms should not engage in cursing during the pregnancy, on the off chance they accidentally curse the baby.