6 Customized Baby Friendly Cakes, Even Adults Will Enjoy

Babies change our world, especially when at that young age there are quite a bit of dietary cautions parents need to take. Whether it is skipping eggs, milk, honey or the sugars. And, sometimes babies have specific allergies, which makes finding a baby-friendly cake a headache.

But, don’t let the limitations dampen your spirits.  Shanghai is spoilt for choice and here are some of the healthiest cakes that are suitable for babies that even adults will enjoy.

Egg is a café that is nestled on Xiangyang Lu. Aside from their Cashew Nut Latte which put them on the map as one of the first to have non-dairy alternatives, they also have some amazing cakes and baked products.

For example, their Blueberry Cornbread Muffins are made with 50% less flour than conventional cakes and the recipe calls for no eggs. The sweet taste comes from coconut palm sugar (so if you are a vegan mama, this is perfect for you!). If you need a custom cake made, you may contact them directly for a request.

Address: 12 Xiangyang Bei Lu

WeChat Official Account: EggCafe

Email: hello@eggshanghai.com


CL does all sorts of baked goods, even ones with a vegan option. From cupcakes to cakes, their gorgeous baked goods are also sold at EGG. CL can customize your cakes so you can have it vegan and gluten-free cake. For example, their beautiful gluten-free vegan red velvet cake is gorgeous to look at and amazing to eat.

WeChat ID: Cinnaloaf

Aside from serving dishes of hearty vegan-friendly foods, Fortunate Coffee also does a great job in providing vegan cakes. You can have mango, raspberry, matcha or banana chocolate.

Address: 433 Songhu Lu

Tel: 021 5538 0622

Ethel’s Cakery is a great choice if you are looking for a healthy and raw cake. There are no additives, and its sugar-free and you can also make it gluten-free upon request. If you are living a sugar-free diet and enjoy cakes that are light with an all-natural taste then this is for you.

WeChat ID: ethelzh

Cakemyday prefers to use natural ingredients for sugar such as maple syrup, coconut sugar, monk fruit or stevia. Now, they are not just the queens of sugar-free cakes, they also have cakes customized for all diets: Paleo cakes, gluten-free, sugar-free and also do a mix of BnB (bake no bake) cakes. And they have made a fair share of custom cakes for babies, all you need is contact them and let them know a little more about your baby’s preferences.

WeChat Store: Cakemyday or via Sarah at WeChat ID: saradfmx

TRIBE not only does a mean vegan and gluten-free pizza, they also have amazing food options and now, whole cakes to order. Their raw chocolate cheesecake, made with pistachio, coco nibs, cashew nuts, seasonal fruits is a wonderful vegan option and also gluten-free. And, no use of butter.  If you prefer a baked chocolate cake, try their flourless gluten-free chocolate cake, it is made without butter and it is sweet and soft.

Address: 291 Fumin Lu

Website: www.tribenutrition.com

Contributed by Vegans of Shanghai. Vegans of Shanghai is a non-profit-advocacy brand and community platform that networks those interested in the vegan/plant-based lifestyle in the city.