Played & Reviewed: Mini Mars (Jing’an)

Lego's, painting and sandpits

A day out at Mini Mars is not cheap, but then again it is also worth every yuan in your pocket. It is two stories of fun, balls and slides. Although older kids may enjoy the climbing wall and the princess room, there is also a special section just for the under 24 months–which is exactly what we are looking for.

Baby Zone, up to 24mos old

The under 24months feature a small scale slide plus a smaller ball pit. There are also bulkier shopping carts as well as cars. It also has a lovely crawling tent for little babes to either crawl or strut inside.

Entrance: RMB248 (1 baby, 1 guardian), additional guardian RMB50

Membership packages are available allowing 2 adults per baby with up to 3 times per day entrance fee. Including, bringing a friend (an extra baby with 2 guardians). This does not include the cost of food at the café.

Princess station for older kids

The second floor is also activities which are suitable for infants. From a lego area to a plastic sandbox to a lego area. But, do exercise caution in the plastic sandbox

Upon entering Mini Mars, you will feel the entire atmosphere is very clean and organized. Actually, the entire place is immaculate! (Food needs improvement though–see below). But we liked the locker area and how they also recycle socks, so nothing is wasted.




The food is decent if you don’t mind the weird combination. It is a little on the greasy side but the coffee was worth it. If you are still on puree’s, there is nothing for you to order. You will need to bring it yourself.

Three choice taco’s: meat, tomato and cabbage
Beef sandwich could be improved but can give any parent the energy they need to keep up.

Address: 428 Jiangning Lu

Tel: 021 6155 5725

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