Played & Reviewed: Ant & Grasshopper


Ant & Grasshopper is a swanky kiddie cafe (which looks like a restaurant with an extensive kiddie play area) located inside Joy City mall near W Marriot Chang Feng Park, There is a lot there that this location has to offer. Gymboree is located (right upstairs), Pur Cotton and Babe Max is just around the corner

Entrance: RMB188 per baby. Unlimited hours during the weekday, 3 hours per visit on the weekend.

Environment: The bottom floor has a crawling racecourse space that is perfect for the little crawlers. And there is the standard supermarket and baby pizzeria. If you allow your little one to go into the ball pen, there is a gigantic one (workers told me they clean and disinfect every day and replaces the balls every month).

Food: The menu offers spritzes for adults, pizzas, and sweet things like crepes. As well as kinds of pasta and crepe afternoon tea seat.

Hygiene: We are quite impressed with how clean everything is and also the set up of the space, which provides a multi-dimensional environment. What we felt could be improved is the smell of cigarettes outside the fire exits. But, we do enjoy this place overall because of its proximity to shops, which allows for a multi-dimensional experience for parents and, allow us to squeeze in errands while en route to playing.

Even a theater for cartoons

Our Favorite Pick: It is quiet, we like the fact you can play there for an unlimited amount of time during the weekdays and the place is engaging for play by the baby. We also liked how clean everything was and how they separated the bigger kids and the little baby area.

Address: 196 Da Du He Lu, Chang Feng Joy City, 2FL

Tel: 021 6124 5877


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