Played & Reviewed: Twinkle Cafe (Shanghai Center)


Right in the middle of Jing’an District, Twinkle Café is both convenient to get to with its location inside Shanghai Center getting on or off a taxi is a breeze. All you need to do is go up from within the hotel to the second floor and go around the back of the Ritz Bar. Not super friendly if you have a big stroller, but if you are using a baby carrier it is a breeze.

Markets for near walkers

Entrance: The price for entry at Twinkle Café is RMB188 (weekdays) and RMB218 on the weekends for a baby with each visit not exceeding 3 hours. Kids under 6mos for free.

For little ones

Environment: Twinkle Café at the Shanghai Center (there is also one in Pudong which we have not reviewed yet) is compact in size compared to the other locations, but the offering is essentially the same with different experience zones that cater to young toddlers. From a ball pen to a princess play, a private party room in the center and the highly controversial toddler manicure/pedicure spa.

A Twinkle Spa offers children a real manicure and spa experience with child-friendly nail polishes. Our little one was a little too small for this experience, And although it is certainly not one we will indulge in on a regular basis as the pricing is comparable to an adult mani&pedi session, for a party of special occasion it is worth the exception.

But here is why enjoy Twinkle. Stokke beds are available so if you have a sleepy infant, they can nap at ease.

For eating to resting or sleeping, beds available for the little ones

On the plus side, the staff can take care of your baby and play with them while mom or dad can enjoy their drink or food.

We also love how the café integrates with the play area allowing the parent to watch how their baby plays.

Food: The food menu and presentation is probably on the side closer to fine dining. They also have amazing cocktails for moms who need to unwind. After all, there are staff members on site that can play. Expect everything from pasta to ice cream and waffles.


Our Favorite Pick: We like Twinkle because the staff here are so friendly with the babies they will actually entertain your child, giving you time to enjoy a cup of coffee or a dessert.

Puxi: 1376 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai Center, Unit 212 (Tel: 021 6289 8569)

Pudong:1192 Century Avenue, Century Link Mall, 3 Floor (Tel: 021 58887 7577)

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