Played & Reviewed: Petite Pompon Kids Club in Gubei Flower Market!


What to do if you are trying to shop for home decor but, stuck with a restless kid? Head over to Petite Pompom Kids Club!

Entrance: RMB148 (1 adult 1 kid) – 3 time card for RMB99 each time


Located on the B1 level of a flower market in the heart of Gubei, this surprisingly clean and fun play area is as relaxing as it is for parents as fun as it is for kids.

Although it says it is suitable for the ages 0-8yrs, however we find it is much better for younger kids under 3.

First, the toys are for the younger child. You have the live size legos, the toy cars which, if you were to put an 8-year-old it would be too small.

The only thing suitable for an older kid is the slide and trampoline, but even then the trampoline size is not big enough for an older child.


There is nothing on the menu that has coffee or snacks but, this place is clean with Thursdays being deep clean days (so it’s freshly scrubbed for the weekend crowd) with daily evening clean up and sterilization. However, there is a concession stand inside where you can get bottled water, juice.

Address: 533 Hong Baoshi Lu, Gubei Flower Market, 1FL, 121

Tel: 021 6241 1620

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