Baby Tried & Tested: Doddl for Early Table Manners


Getting a baby to eat is a whole new chapter in a new parent’s life. Do you do spoon food purée, baby-led weaning, or let them get handsy with food? For me, we did a mix of the above—and it’s fine. Every baby is different. But, when it comes to using utensils we came to a different challenge. Finding one with a grip that is easy to use to give her the autonomy she needs.

To begin her gastronomic journey, we bought every type of fork and spoon we can find so she can move confidently from hand-fed to spoon-fed.

But it seems each has its own issue. Either the fork is too blunt and it can’t hold the food or, the handle is too awkward for the grip of a baby. Again, we also want to be sure whatever utensil she is using will give her groundwork to develop basic table manners. Then, we were introduced to Doddl.

This is a much bigger success than the other utensils she is using. It is ergonomic, and it allows the baby to have a better grip on the spoon and fork, teaching them the proper way of holding utensils (and not using it like they are grabbing the fork and stabbing the food like a real-life Chucky)

Although our girl still enjoys using her hands (and this is normal), at least she uses the utensils the right way to pick up her food and then, picks the food off the utensil to eat.

Obviously we cannot set our expectations too high, after all, they are babies and they should do what is easy for them to enjoy food and making the most of the sensory experience. But a part of me also can’t wait to take her out to restaurants without having her face and my shirt covered in her meal.

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