Mom in the Spotlight: Andrea Rogers


MommyDiaries wants to inspire and encourage all moms to be their best self. Our new series “Mom in the Spotlight” highlights some of the city’s busy moms on how they multi-task motherhood and career. To kick off the first episode, MommyDiaries had an opportunity to interview world-famous celebrity Andrea Rogers, founder of Xtend Barre.

MD: With 170 studios and a mom to two young girls, how does this busy mom handle an international fitness franchise, DVD filming and own wellness routine?

Andrea Rogers: I am deeply passionate about what I do, and so because I love what I do it makes the challenges a little more easy to attack. And I’m passionate about getting Xtend Barre to as many people as I can. So I consciously return to my motivation. I focus on the good. And so when I am overwhelmed with what is going on, I focus on my deep appreciation for the good in my life.

MD: How do you achieve balance as a working full-time mom?

Andrea Rogers: I don’t live near my family and so in New York City I don’t have that to lean on. I do have a great nanny, that supports me when I have to travel and work. I also try to have some type of structure within my day, particularly with my children and their activities.

MD: After having children, how were you able to transition into a working routine?

Pre-children I was already working and building my business. The transition was leaning on people for more support. Fortunately, because I was running my own business it allowed me some flexibility to work from home more often.

What tips do you have for moms going back to work?

Andrea Rogers: Create a structured routine for whoever is taking care of your child; children thrive off of routine just as much as you can. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Give yourself some flexibility to navigate changes at work and at home. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to do it all; you don’t have to do it all by myself.

For moms who have a desk heavy job and babies, how would you recommend incorporating fitness into the routine? what is your routine?

Andrea Rogers: Because time is always an issue and is limited, finding shorter increments to incorporate fitness into your routine. If you are someone who needs to attend a live class for motivation, schedule that class a week in advance and stick to it just as you would a meeting at work.

Are your kids a part of your work life? (do you ever bring them to work, shoots, etc.)

Andrea Rogers: Not often because my workdays are often very long and require my full attention; however they frequent the studio on occasion and I share photos and stories with them so they see what I am working to build.

Andrea Rogers will be launching her Xtend Barre Babies on Board class in Shanghai with SPACE. For more information about the class you may extract the QR Code below to find out more information:

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