Art with Your Little One! A New Way to Bond & Create Memories


Not everyone is an artist or will be the next Picasso, this should not stop parents from doing creative art projects with their children.

Art with toddlers will not only help them in developing their creativity, it also stimulates their brain. Holding a brush, feeling the textures of materials helps to develop their motor and sensory skills.


Babies and young toddlers love a messy paint project because it allows them to get messy and enjoy themselves freely, which will help to explore their own creative limits.


Art is a great way for parents to bond with their toddlers and teach them through hands-on activity, different colors, how to stick, finger paint, use a crayon or pen. You can also provide your child with opportunities to learn about sharing and how to work collaboratively. This is also a great way to provide the foundations of following directions and doing things step-by-step.


In the end it doesn’t matter if the painting is perfect or looks like anything at all. Chances are, it might more parent involved than baby actually doing. And this is fine. What is most important is creating a unique bonding moment that helps them reach their full potential. What more to show for your time together than a one-of-a-kind artwork

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