All the Classes You Can Take This December


    As we are slipping into the winter season here are some classes that will get you up to speed on your parenting game.

    American Sino

    Positive Parenting


    Date: December  5th, 10am to 12noon

    Price: RMB200/person

    Address: 155 Songyuan Lu, B1

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    Ferguson Women’s Health

    All About Breastfeeding

    Dec 15


    Bringing Baby Home

    Dec 7


    Labor & Delivery 1: Process of Labor

    Dec 7


    Labor & Delivery 2: Pain Mgt & Partner Support

    Dec 14


    Address: 800 Huashan Lu, Building 6, 3FL

    Tel: 400993929

    Baijia Maternity Hospital

    Lamaze & Hypno-Birth 

    Date: Private appointment

    Price: Scan QR code for

    Address: 5th Floor, Post Partum Recovery Building, No. 1045 Hong Mei Lu, Minhang

    Enroll: PM WeChat ID: arwenn235

    Belle Maternity

    Belle Maternity is an independent support program on motherhood for women and couples in Shanghai with a holistic approach to improving the perinatal experience. Services include pre and postnatal wellness yoga & pilates, independent medical counseling gynecologist, ob-gyn, perinatal nurse, health care experts referral and meet-ups of conferences, workshops, coffees, WeChat support network and website:

    90-mins session to prepare for the big day. Learn with your birth partner the best moves and breathing exercises you can do during labor and delivery. This class will focus on practical techniques and tips so this experience will be the most effective.

    Date: December 7th

    Time: 2:15pm to 3:45pm

    Price: RMB390/couple at Community Yoga

    To book WeChat ID: Doing-good

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    Dragon Space


    First Aid & CPR for Babies and Kids 

    DragonSpace Studio specializes in Fertility, Prenatal, and postnatal education and yoga classes.  They will also begin parent workshops throughout the summer, extract QR code for booking and more information. They also arrange First AID & CPR course both in Chinese or English every 3 months.

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    Yoga with Baby

    Extract the QR code in the above by long holding and book your spot! If you have questions regarding the class, you can contact the organizer directly at WeChat ID: itisarainyday

    Bright Futures

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