Keeping a Positive Family Outlook in the Face of Coronavirus

COVID-19 is changing family life, here is how to be more positive in hard times.


If you are living in a country where you are battling COVID-19, like how China has for the last two months, you are not alone. Like me, I am sure you are also wishing your mobile phone would stop vibrating with virus notifications. Even our normal parent support group has also been infected with influxes of new virus intel.

I remember being so fed up with the new influx of information. And by the 5th day of getting anxious due to every piece of news, I began tuning things out and double-checking to see if the information was from a verified and reliable source.

Thanks to our work-from-home arrangement, I have managed to catch up on all the activities I usually miss out on during weekdays as I am working in the office. My daughter and I have finger painted, created a DIY art sculpture, done yoga at home, stacked our reserve beer and Coca Cola cans, and made play dough. I have even resurrected my cooking skills to make some nice meals for the family. Hell, I even found a way to make Marie Kondo fun for my kid— to which I found out that aside from shredding paper my daughter also enjoys rolling around in said shredded paper; FYI she is 22 months old – I, on the other hand, have no excuse.In this period, we need to tune out the mom-shame. My daughter is under 2 years old, she wore her mask for 10 minutes and hated it. No matter how hard we try, she absolutely is hysterical about putting it on. But does that give you the right to judge my daughter for exercising her will of not being covered up when everyone around her is masked? Not to mention, my artillery of disinfectant sprays and wipes which I have used including, to wipe down a shopping cart and her stroller wheels.

With everyone talking about canceled flights, suspended schools, and office closures, we also need to look at things positively. This time at home gives us working parents the opportunity to indulge in being a parent, meaning living and being in the present. These last few days have been refreshing for my husband and I. We have not has to worry about being late to leave the house because our baby wants us to play, or feeling torn between getting extra time as a family in the evening and needing to rush off for a conference call, or media event.

Yes, I am still a tired wreck from simultaneously doing the cleaning, cooking, feeding, napping, meal planning, picking up after our daughter and writing – but at least I am living in the glorious present.