2020 Wellness Guide for New Moms


Parenthood may not come with a handbook, but being a new mom you will need all the help you can get.

From breastfeeding consultants to rehabilitation experts, here is your handbook to a positive start of motherhood.

Post-Partum Rehabilitation

During pregnancy, abdominal muscles as well, as pelvic floor muscles will be stretched and strained. Getting the muscles rehabilitated helps with the recovery process, especially in providing support for vital organs and helping to stabilize your body so you can stand and walk with ease.

Ferguson Women’s Health

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Address: Ruici Women & Children’s Hospital, 1314-1320 Beijing Xi Lu, Building 5, 2FL (Near Xikang Lu)

Tel: 400-099-3929

WeChat ID: FergusonHealth

(services for home visits and lactation consultants are also provided)

Jiahui Hospital

Post Partum Rehabilitation

Address: 689 Guiping Lu

Tel: 400 868 3000

WeChat ID: Jiahui-Health-Eng

United Family Pudong & Puxi

Puxi Location:

699 Pingtang Road, Changning District

Tel: 400 639 3900

24/7 Emergency Room is located at Shanghai United Family Hospital

24-hour Emergency Hotline: +86 (21) 2216 3999

Pudong Location:

1598 New Jinqiao Road, Pudong New District

24hr Appointment Centre: 400 639 3900

UP Clinic

Jing’an Location:

432 Dagu Lu

Tel: 021 6339 2668

Pudong Location:

1271 South Pudong Road, Room 510, Huarong Building

Tel: 6836 7088

Muscle Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists with experience for postpartum women’s health and recovery. From sciatica pain to bad postures or, new moms preparing to begin their fitness routines.

The Clinic (see article here)

Address: 118 Jiashan Lu, Building B, 5th Floor A501

Website: https://www.theclinic.international

Tel: 021 3368 8801

WeChat ID: tc_theclinic

Body Concept

Pilates & GYROTONIC ®

Jing’an Branch:

118 Qinghai Lu, 3th floor

Tel: 021 6218 6236

K11 Branch:

300 Middle Huaihai Road, 3F (inside green massage)

Tel: 021-63858800 or 021-62186236

G-Art Branch:

381 Panyu Road, B-201

Tel: 021-62827779

Gubei Branch:

480 Hongbaoshi Road (inside green massage)

Tel: 021-62887608

Hongmei Branch

3211 Hongmei Road, # 508

Tel: 021-34681328

WeChat ID:bodyconcept

But don’t wait until after birth to care about your body. Here is our list of Prenatal Classes in town you can click on to get your body ready for delivery.


Whether you decide to breastfeed, or pump, or go straight into formula this is a personal choice for every mother. Breastfeeding can also be a difficult process, but with the right team of consultants, it could turn into a less difficult journey.

Moms can also contact Ferguson Women’s Health or American-Sino to book an appointment with their lactation consultant.

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