Shanghai Communities for Every Mom Needs

MommyDiaries is always happy to lend a helping hand to new families to Shanghai. Whether it is connecting them to the right people, or letting them know about events that are suitable for their young growing families. We know how important it is to find your own tribe, so whether you are a vegan or a party queen we got the right communities for all your needs!

Shanghai Mamas

We cannot discuss communities without touching upon Shanghai Mamas. They are a grassroots community builder and have a lot of active parenting groups including neighborhood-specific parent groups, an active book club, and a networking/professional group. Their Coffee Mornings connect moms and dads in each neighborhood, giving a strong community sense to anyone who is new to Shanghai or new to parenting.

They also have a dynamic and ever welcoming Newcomer group, which helps families about to move to Shanghai or that have just arrived access the information they need and people to connect with so that they can thrive in Shanghai. They also host regular events, such as educational talks, spa days, holiday parties, charity fundraisers, and family meet-ups.

To keep updated you can find them online at

Vegans of Shanghai

Living in a foreign country has its difficulties, especially if you have dietary restrictions. Vegans of Shanghai can assist budding vegans to maneuver through reading labels, vegan restaurant recommendations and cooking classes. Whether you are a transitioning vegan or, a new Shanghai transplant you can easily find your resources here.

To learn more about Vegans of Shanghai, extract the QR code below. Or, you can send a PM to Eve at WeChat ID: Papputy to be included in the WeChat group.


Zero Waste

If you are looking to find ways to live a zero-waste lifestyle, look no more than this tight-knit community. From learning how to make your own compost, to giving products a second life, here are all your resources so you can reduce waste and live a fuller life. To learn more about Zero Waste, extract the QR code below. Or, you can send a PM to Alizee at WeChat ID: alizeebuyss to be included in the WeChat group.


Bloodline aims to create a virtual blood bank that is readily available as a significant source for the community and for those in need for blood in rare blood type cases. This is a non-profit association that connects individuals and groups for blood donations and other related activities. To be added to this group, please send a PM to WeChat ID: racelle or to learn more about Bloodline, extract the QR code from below:

Zodiac Mom’s Group

This community is age-specific to the age of your child, depending on what year of the Zodiac they are born. From this year’s Pig Mommy group they also have Dog Moms (2018), Rooster Moms (2017), Monkey Moms (2016), Sheep Moms (2015)… and now, welcoming expectant Mouse Mommies to join (moms with due dates in 2020),Cow Mommies (due dates in 2021) These groups are voluntarily organized by Melissa, who is a certified Doula as well as a Pre-and Postnatal Professional from Germany. She founded MommyBow a Mommy & Baby Program in 2012, which offers a range of Baby classes in Shanghai.

To be added to this group, please send a PM to WeChat ID: N18052015

Gluten-Free Shanghai

Gluten-Free Shanghai WeChat group is a support group for individuals living gluten-free in China. Merchants selling products will also be present in the group to keep the community updated on new products available.  All the topics are focused on gluten-free diet, products, lifestyle, coeliac disease, and gluten-induced disorders. This group is established by Gluten-Free China. To be added into this group, add WeChat ID: sluoto

* Note: Gluten-Free China does not provide medical information or do they certify products or companies, or guarantee products are free from gluten contamination.

Essential Oils

If you are looking to find ways to use natural oils to enhance your home and for homeopathic solutions, find like-minded individuals in the Essential Oils group. From WeChat discussions to offline gatherings and seminars, if you are into wellness, this will be a perfect match. To learn about oils or, to be a part of the group send a PM to Carol at WeChat ID: CarolKTan

Maternity Clothing Group

Are you an expectant mom? Or, are you trying to empty out your closet of your maternity and nursing clothes? Here is the ideal spot to meet, swap and search for the maternity items you are needing! From maternity clothing to nursing tops—everything mommy needs for her comfort is right here! To be added to this group, please send a PM to WeChat ID: Anabela001 with a note “maternitygroup”


World’s largest female expat community and network. GGI’s mission is to connect globally minded international women online and face-to-face. Through friendship, connection, support, belonging, and empowerment they have built local communities in over 160 cities all over the world! They have active WeChat communities focusing on Health & Fitness, Foodies, Nightlife and Events, Business, Book Club, Arts & Culture, Fashion & Beauty that provide insider tips, special events and community deals. You can check out their WeChat community information on Facebook: GGI


Are you looking for fun playdates in and around town for you and your little one? In conjunction with MommyDiaries, this is an outgoing and active community of moms that arranges fun picnic gatherings to zoo visits. If you would like to be added to the group, add send a PM to WeChat ID: Anabela001 with a note “strollerstrides”

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