2019 Guide to Pre & Postnatal Exercise


Whether you have just conceived or just delivered, it is important to partake in an exercise to prepare your body for the delivery and also, to restore your body back to shape (safely). Here is an updated list of all that is around town for pre and post natal exercise.

Belle Maternity

They are an independent support program on motherhood for women and couples in Shanghai providing a holistic approach to improve the perinatal experience.

Offer: Prenatal & postnatal yoga and Pilates including workshops on pre and postnatal experience

WeChat: Jeyadancepilates (pilates)/Doing-good (yoga)

Livestone Pilates 

Offer: Prenatal and postnatal training

Address: SOHO Tianshan, 1737 Tianshan Rd, T3-220

Tel: 21 6226 0500

Address: Songlin Rd, Lane 97, No. 3

Tel: 21 5407 9255

Body Concept

Offer: Private classes postnatal training

Address:  5F. No. 118 Qinghai Lu

Tel: 21 6218 6236

Pilates ProWorks (with Modification)

Offer: no specific pre and post class, only modified-must let the instructor know before hand

Address: 1003 Wuding Lu

Tel: 21 6225 3966

(classes by Lisa, Teresa, Gloria)

Z&B Fitness 

Offer: Pre/Post Pilates Mat

Address: Changle Lu

Tel:  021 6121 9079


A wellness space offering a support network for would-be moms and new mothers alike, including memorable experiences to enjoy the process of motherhood

Offer: Prenatal & postnatal yoga and workshops on pre and postnatal experience

Address: 516 Julu Rd, No. 5

WeChat: xiaohuic12

The clinic 

International Boutique Medical practice and wellness center that focuses on sports medicine, physical therapy and pre/post-surgery rehabilitation concierge center. Their Women’s Health and Pediatric Clinical Care Department offers resources for women who are pregnant or, recovering from pregnancy.

Offer: Prenatal yoga, postnatal barre, Pilates, Prenatal Fitness, HIIT

Other Offer: Osteopathy, physical therapy, functional nutrition

Address: 118 Jiashan Lu, Building B, 5th Floor, Suite A501

WeChat ID: tc_theclinic

Customer service hotline: 021 3368 8801

Baijia Maternity Hospital

Baijia Maternity Hospital provides a spectrum of support for women who are pregnant. From counseling to physical therapy, they even host a class called “Bumpercise” to maintain your fitness level for a happier and healthier pregnancy–but only for women who are their clients.

Offer: Bumpercise

WeChat: SH-Baijia100

Mommy Bow

Mommy Bow offers prenatal postnatal aqua classes for expectant moms and moms. They have classes all over Shanghai, to join add their WeChat.

Offer: Aqua class (pre and postnatal)

WeChat: Mommybow