Year of the Pig? What This Year Means for my Baby


As Chinese New Year is fast approaching, we are about to say goodbye to the Year of the Dog and welcome the Year of The Pig.

According to the Chinese zodiac calendar. Zodiac signs play an integral part in Chinese culture, and can be used to determine your fortune for the year, career and much more…

Recent years of the Pig are: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

According to the Chinese zodiac, aside from the animal signs, there are also different elements: Fire, Water, Metal, Earth Wood. This year also happens to be the Earth Year.

Year of the Earth Pig

If you have a little one born this year they are likely to be a social butterfly with friends from all walks of life. They will have a lot of support in both work and life, and can easily find happiness. To learn more about the Year of the Pig, scroll down and click “Read More” in the below.

What about the other Zodiac signs?

Don’t despair, MommyDiaries got you covered:


Your social activities will increase. You will enjoy the friend’s hangout or business entertainment time during the cycle of Pig. You can take the opportunity to build social networking. That will help your career development.

Your people relationship should be good. You will be a favorite person in your group. During the cycle of Pig, you will have more social events with your relatives, co-workers or classmates. This is a good opportunity to build your reputation and social network. This will help your luck in career and wealth.

Your social activities will increase. That means your people relationship is pretty good. You can take this chance to build your social networking. This will help your future career development and money investment.

You don’t have any problem dealing with your people relationship. Your social meetings will focus on career or money topics. During your leisure time, you should chat more about hobbies, food, future, books, family, entertainment, news, travel, sport, vacation and relaxing topics. With Pig’s presence, you still need to watch your words and behaviors. Don’t take advantage of people.

You might feel pressure in the group when people chat about your unfamiliar topics. Don’t argue with people when you have different opinions or different interests with them. Otherwise, Pig will bring you a bad reputation. A successful people network needs to listen, respect and learn people’s background and culture. To open your heart and find the courage to trust others will help you to develop more positive and healthy relationships.

Your people relationship is pretty good because of the attraction relationships between Horse and Pig. You can build your solid social networking during this time. Horse likes to pursue fame, success, victory, and power. But you need to respect each member in your group. Then people will accept your leadership and keep the friendship.

Your people relationship is pretty good because of the double attractive relationships between Sheep and Pig. You can build your solid social networking during this time. Someone might be jealous of your popularity and give you negative comments. You must be humble and never be proud of your fortune or achievement. Always, watch out your behavior in public and express your thoughtful, cordial, and generous attitude towards others.

Monkey is impatient, irritable, curious, wily and naughty. Both of them are aggressive, arrogant, determined. Monkey or Pig might inadvertently displease others. Monkey needs to patiently listen to people’s opinions. Don’t give people negative remarks and don’t push people around. Otherwise, Pig will bring Monkey bad reputation.

Your people relationship is okay. But there is room to improve. You need to show more your thoughtful, cordial, and generous attitude towards others. Patiently listening to people’s opinions, respecting people’s cultural backgrounds and experiencing people’s feelings can help you to build solid social networking.

Your people relationship is just fine. If you cannot find someone can share common similarities with you now, then you can change the social group. You can try more outdoor social activities. You might be able to find someone who can laugh together, trust each other, share secrets and release resentments there.

Zodiac predictions:

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