Why Should I Take Prenatal Yoga and Not Regular Yoga?


Most expectant moms may not realize but, doing yoga and doing prenatal yoga during pregnancy are very different concepts.
Although practicing yoga is healthy, there are different positions that can be harmful to the body. Hence, prenatal yoga is practiced to achieve the benefits of yoga but still be accommodating to the blossoming belly.
1. Elevated temperature because they put you at risk for lightheadedness, dehydration, and other complications
2. Categories of poses, like those that require you to lie on your back or twist deeply
3. Poses that requires a lot of abdominal stretching are also advised against

What about opting out of certain poses in a regular yoga class? Will that achieve the same results?

Yoga classes are structured so that each pose stretches and counterbalances each other. If an expectant mom takes a regular class and opts to sit out on poses, then they may miss out on getting the full extent of the session.

What to do if there are no classes available to fit my schedule?

Expectant moms can choose to book private classes or, consult yoga specialists that have schedules which fits any convenient timing.

Is Prenatal Yoga that Beneficial in pregnancy?

Aside from the physical benefits of improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, increased flexibility and endurance, decreased headaches, decrease lower back pain, nausea.
Most importantly, expectant moms can learn and practice focused breathing techniques that is essential during labor and, to increase strength, flexibility and endurance that can help during childbirth. According to Marie from Belle Maternity, “prenatal yoga can activate muscles to help make space in your bodies to create space in the body so baby has more room to grow”.

Joining a prenatal class will allow you to mingle with other expectant moms. This type of support network will give you the chance to connect with others about your pregnancy.
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