Xintiandi Plaza is Opened and Ready for the Strolling Mamas!


After a one-year renovation, the old Pacific Mall at the cross section of Huai Hai Rd and Madang Lu (diagonal from the Apple Store) has been opened. Sitting in its place is the stylish and hip Xintiandi Mall.

Conveniently located at Exit 2 of the Metro 1 line, not only is this department store friendly to access from the subway, inside is spacious, quiet AND has a nursing room on the top floor, which is great for pumpin’ mamas.

Unlike some mega-sized malls where elevators are a far walk from any restaurant, rest assured. Here you don’t have to walk over 500meters to get from the restaurant to the lift.

The recently opened department store is still quiet with manageable crowds. Elevators take passengers through the 6 floors with ease.

                                                                                   Restrooms on the 6th floor offer a private pumping room

But, that is not it. There are spacious and clean restaurants which is good for any social strolling or, ergo’ing mama.

                                                        MommyDiaries favorites: (based on spaciousness)

6FL: Rye & Co

From the same owners as The Nest and The Cannery, their Nordic-inspired cuisine is light and flavorful. Spacious seating also can fit strollers. However, if you intend on having a big group gathering please call in advance as it can get quite packed during lunch. If you want to come back sans baby, check out the cocktail lounge on the 2nd floor.

Tel: 021 63391993

3FL: PS Cafe

Singapore famous PS Cafe has arrived Shanghai. Expect classic Singapore cuisine, citrusy drinks and authentic SE Asian vibes. This is an IG-hot spot, so call in advance to book your space. Try to avoid lunch hour as it can be packed. Afternoon tea and evening time looks more promising.

Tel: 021 61511321

3FL: L’eclaire de Genie

If you are looking for a nice afternoon tea spot with some sweet cakes, you need to come here. The tables are smaller so the lanes are wider, perfect even if you have a larger stroller. What is great about this location is, it is brightly lit because of the towering windows.

Address: 333 Huai Hai Zhong Lu (Huai Hai Lu between Madang Lu and Huangpi Nan Lu)