5 Easy Ways To Ignite Your Sex Life After Baby


Let’s face it. After the baby, getting into the mood is a lot harder. It’s not uncommon for couples facing this after their little one is in the picture. Whether it is the hormones, not feeling confident in your new body, exhaustion or not having the “me” time, without a doubt sex has become a rarity.

So how to get back into the groove? Here are five ways that can bring back sex to your routine.

Step 1: Girl Time

Get some well-needed girl time outside the home (baby playdates don’t count)! Whether it is a casual afternoon coffee (or tea) this is a time to change the environment and possibly uplift your mood! How you arrange baby care it’s up to you, but you cannot forget that dads may want some time alone with the baby or, time for him to get his man cave going.

Step 2: Get Out of the Mommy Rut

Get a with a new, easy beauty routine that will have you feeling good after pregnancy in no time. Take small steps towards getting your sexy back after baby, and your after-baby sex life will follow suit. Maybe a new look to go with the changing body?

 Step 3: Date Night

Let your husband know you think he’s hot (it might prompt him to return the compliments!). And don’t forget, he may not be feeling too sexy these days either, so tell him what you love about him and take him out to places he will also enjoy and slowly ignite the fire.

Step 4: Open Communication

Talk it up. you can ramp up your sex drive after pregnancy by simply communicating about what you both need that can help bring that sexual confidence back. Do you need help with the chores? Does he need man cave time?

Step 5: Sex is NOT A CHORE!

Remember how fun it was? Ease back into it the same way. Remember what you both enjoy doing, whether it is beer tasting or cocktail sampling…or pizza dates?

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Feeling sexy after childbirth may be hard, but finding the right way to connect with your partner to get things heated is part of the fun.