[Mom Tested] Venus Concept Versa for Awesome Mom Bod


So here I am, getting back in shape (it is a constant work in process) and I am offered to try a gentle body shaping and contouring approach from SkinCity 5.5.  Although I have been going there numerous times for different beauty treatments, I was enticed to try the upgraded newer and “bad boy” version of their Venus Concept Versa body treatment.

What it does

The treatment at SkinCity 5.5 combines the best technology from Venus Concept to help smooth out cellulite, tighten and lift the skin.  This can be for the face, arms, body (stomach, butt, thighs), wherever you deem necessary.  And in my case, I chose my belly (duh, what new mom would ignore this area?).  Furthermore, Versa is a platform machine that allows different applicators to be connected to treat numerous skin concerns and problems.

How it works

This technology is non-invasive and non-surgical that can slim and lift the skin.  Their machine has a prioritary patented technology that uses radio frequency to break down the fatty area while simultaneously injecting magnetic pulse to help the cells to recover faster.

To prepare for the treatment, they applied a warm conductor gel on my body.  Unlike the gels from the other salons (yes, I do enjoy my body treatments), theirs is not gooey and thick.  It goes on light.  This is important because it helps conduct the energy from the radio frequency to break down the fat cells.  The light consistency of the gel allowed the heat to spread quickly compared to the treatments at the other spas I have had before, and it didn’t feel clunky.

Once they applied the gel to the area that needs work, they placed the body roller applicator head on my body and begin to roll in figure-8’s over my problem belly.  In a short time, I felt my belly get warm and then, gradually hotter.  Nothing that was uncomfortable—especially with winter weather, it felt quite cozy.

To target the slightly saggy love handles, they got me lying on my side and used a smaller facial roller applicator head to get to all the hard to-get spots to make sure my sides got the same lift and shape.


Waist area a little more pronounced after one treatment

When I got up to take some “after” photos, I felt my stomach area was tighter and the skin not as saggy.  However, what felt nice was the centimetres lost.  Across the upper stomach, belly and lower abdominals, 2cm was lost in one session per area.  That is a grand total of 6cm.  Which is not bad if you want some fast results.

And you can see the love handle portion does not jut out as much after one session and the stomach doesn’t stick out as much.

Will this replace traditional exercise?

This will certainly not replace exercising in terms of getting back to shape and recovering the pelvic muscles. However, it makes you feel slimmer and more toned.  Getting back to shape with exercise and this machine treatment will definitely be quicker and less agony.

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