Dear First Time Moms to Be: Cherish the Now


Source: Youtube, Glamour

Dear First Time Mom to Be,

I remember who you are. I was you a year ago, entering my 5th month and starting this WeChat account.

I remember the excitement of seeing the tiny embryo for the first time and the anticipation between visits just to get a glimpse of my baby. As my belly grew I took pictures and videos, capturing every moment I was carrying my daughter, preserving the transformation process of becoming a mom.

As my body grew more alien to me each day (it happens to all of us),  I think about how my baby is developing. I wait with excitement towards each doctors visit just to get a glimpse of her.

If there is a piece of advice I could give to you, it would be to take your time going to places and truly be in the moment spending time with your close friends and your husband. Once your child comes it won’t be the same.

Don’t get lost comparing your pregnancy with someone else’s, everyone’s story is different. Sit back and enjoy the moment as you make the transition into motherhood, 9 months will whizz by quickly.