How to Set Rules for Long Staying Houseguests


After the baby has arrived, there are plenty of friends and family who would like to visit. How can you ensure that visitors can abide to your house rules and, what do you do when long staying guests linger past their welcome period?

As a new mom going through some of this experience, here are tips you can keep in mind.

Rules of Engagement

1. Set up a visible time schedule

Your baby needs are paramount. If you have long term guests, let them know baby’s schedule so they are aware how long baby naps should be, and their designated play times.

2. Go through a play schedule

Let your guests know what playtime appropriate activities you wish for your little one. If your visitors plan on engaging with your baby, at least you know your visitors can help out.

3. Set up a Do Not Disturb Zone

Keep one area of the house strictly for baby. This is the zone where guests will need permission before entering. For example, baby’s bedroom.

4. Set up Hygiene Rules

You would think that adults will remember to wash their hands before playing with a baby, right? No. Some adults need more reminding if they are sick to take extra precautions when handling a baby. Whether you prefer the no-contact at all rule or, wear a mask in the home you are the mom. You are the boss.

5. Create Downtime

Getting downtime from visitors is just as important as houseguests respecting the time schedule. So be sure to create some activities where your guests can be out of the house, so you can have the place to yourself.

What’s the best way to handle family?

Family can be the trickiest type of guests. But, they are still a guest. And they have the rules to follow. Let family know in advance the expectations. Be clear with an area where family can help out so they know how they can contribute. Maybe it’s playtime, maybe it’s helping you run errands.

Whatever you task you give, list out the big no’s.

For instance, “No tummy time immediately after feeding. Wait 30mins”.

Where is the best place to have these rules?

If you have this coming into the home and posted on the walls, it will already be a signal of rules that must be followed. Stick them on the baby’s door, next to the bottle warmer. Anywhere that is visible. This is your house.