3-Step Guide to Shape Your New Mom Bod


Towards the end of our pregnancy our bodies stretch to the extreme, which makes us wonder “how soon can I get back to my pre-pregnancy shape”. Of course, with all that our bodies undergo during labor and adjusting to new routine with a newborn, sometimes the thought of trying to look good becomes as hopeless as the pillowy belly we are gifted as new moms.

However, looking great after having your baby can be done in 3 steps.

1. Firming Your Belly

You might have delivered two weeks ago, but your belly still looks like you are five months pregnant? You are not alone. In this early stage when you are not yet ready to exercise but you are self-conscious of your pillowy belly, you may consider using belly binders to help tighten the loose skin.

Aside from improving your aesthetics, belly binders also support lower back, creates good posture especially with C-Section mommies, promotes good blood circulation to assist with healing. It also helps the stomach’s natural ability to compress back into shape, promotes less water retention and assists with the tightening of loose skin。

If you want faster results, you can consider trying Postnatal Jamu Massage.

What is it?

This massage originated from Indonesia and is immensely popular in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. What is it exactly? Postnatal Jamu massage involves a mix of Bengkung binding and herbal massage. This helps the body to eliminate the toxins inside the uterus and using binding to tighten the abdominal muscles.

2. Exercise

Assume you have the clearance from the doctor to begin exercising, begin with low impact exercises that can help build your core.

Exercises such as postnatal Pilates and yoga can help ease you into your fitness routine.

Once you are more comfortable you can level up to reformer Pilates, which uses a pully system to add resistance training in strengthening your core.

Another great exercise is a combination of high intensity with total body strength conditioning such as FitMom by StyleFitness which is a 4-week program that combines interval training, Boxing and Bike&Box.

3. Shaping Technology

Aside from relying solely on pure exercise, shaping technologies can help slim and trim. Using radio frequency, ultrasound or heat technology you can slim and shape your body while breaking down fat cells and increasing blood circulation.

Where to go:

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Juke Van Der Scheer

Postnatal Physiotherapist, Ferguson Women’s Health at American Sino

Address: 800 Huashan Rd, 3FL

Tel: 400-099-3929

Abdominal Rehabilitation

Silvia Vigliaturo

Postnatal Physiotherapist & Pilates instructor, Body Concept

Address: 5F, NO.118 Qinghai Lu, by Wujiang Lu

Tel: 21 6218 6236

Address: Room 508, NO.3211, Hongmei

Tel: 3468 1328



Belle Maternity

Address: 666 Xinhua Rd, Building 1 (near Dingxi Rd)

WeChat: jeydancepilates

Fiona Xu

Livestone Pilates

Address: SOHO Tianshan, 1737 Tianshan Rd, T3-220

Tel: 21 6226 0500

Address: Songlin Rd, Lane 97, No. 3

Tel: 21 5047 9255

Pilates ProWorks

Address: 1003 Wuding Rd

Tel: 21 62253966

WeChat: Pilatesproworks

Postnatal Yoga

Xiao Hui

Founder, Dragon Space

Address: 516 Julu Rd, No. 5

WeChat: Xiaohuic12


Belle Maternity

Address: 9 Clouds, 17 Xiangyang Lu, 3fl (near Julu Rd)

WeChat: Doing-good

Belly Massage

Postnatal Jamu massage

WeChat: lizjacobs

Tel: 4006-536-136




Address: 1502 Huaihai Zhong Lu, B1

WeChat: Styleofficial

Body Shaping

Skin City 5.5

UltraShape, a technology that uses ultrasound to contour the body and also to go beneath the dermis, breaking down stubborn fat cells. Fat is eliminated via the body’s natural detoxification system.

Address: 476 Dagu Lu, near Shimen Yi Lu

Business Hours: 10:00-22:00

Tel: 021 63401235, +86 17301745575

Zeta Villa

Venus Legacy™ uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields—which enables therapeutic heat energy to safely travel deeper into the skin, resulting in increased blood circulation, noticeable skin tightening, and immediately plumped and glowing skin.

Address: 88 Tongren Lu

Tel: 021 63202277