Meet the Wellness Mommies of Shanghai


In celebration of Mother’s Day, it is only suiting to honor five beautiful mothers who built businesses encouraging healthy living and personal wellness. MommyDiaries are inspired by the spirits of these strong mammas and we are proud to present their stories:


Founder, Soapnut Republic

How many kids do you have? How old are they?

I have three daughters: Tara aged 5, Jade aged 3, and Sienna aged 1.

Tell us about your business

At Soapnut Republic we produce home care products that are extremely effective and completely safe to use.

The key ingredient in our products is natural soapnut berry extract, blended with high quality plant and mineral ingredients and pure essential oils. Our products are non-toxic, allergen free, biodegradable and extremely effective at cleaning.

We sell across China via our WeChat Store. We’re currently finalising our new personal care range, including soapnut-based shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body moisturiser and face wash. We’re also working on baby and children’s care products.

What inspired you to start this?

Our children are the motivation and inspiration for everything we do. My husband Bobby accidentally drank bleach as a two-year-old, and we started Soapnut Republic because we wanted to make sure that our own children would never be exposed to that sort of risk.

When I was pregnant with our first child we were looking for natural, non-toxic cleaning products for our own family home, and we became really frustrated by the lack of genuinely safe products available. We found that a lot of companies market their products as being “green” and “eco-friendly” but many of these companies still use ingredients that are not safe for skin contact. Bobby and I decided that we’d create our own range of products that were first and foremost safe for the people using them, and safe for the environment too.

What do you love about your products?

I love everything about our products! They are extremely effective, incredibly safe, the essential oil fragrances are amazing, and we’ve worked with an exceptional designer who makes our products look great. Soapnut Republic is very personal for me and my family. My husband formulates every product with the safety of our own children in mind. We test extensively in a laboratory, but we also test over and over again in our own home until we’re completely satisfied that we’ve created a perfect product.

Why should moms give your products a try?

Our skin is the body’s largest organ and it absorbs toxic chemicals like a sponge. Imagine, for example, what this means for a toddler crawling across a floor that has just been cleaned with bleach, or a child eating from a bowl or drinking from a bottle that has been washed with a traditional chemical product. Don’t risk it when there are safe, non-toxic and extremely effective alternatives readily available.

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How many kids do you have? How old are they?

I have two boys: 5 years old for the oldest and only 2 months for my last born.

Tell us about your business

GLAMOURLAB is a cocooning concept designed to teach Shanghai’s busy ladies how to focus on themselves and their well-being.

Every trimester we organize a glamorous beauty party and we gather Shanghai’s most renowned beauty professionals. Makeup, hairstyle, manicure, massage, eyelashes extensions, fashion advice and more, as our guest, you can enjoy a multitude of workshops while indulging in a bubbly afternoon tea.

Since June 2017, we also offer private services and customized events for our client’s birthday parties, bachelorettes, baby showers, company events, etc…

What inspired you to start this?

After my first pregnancy, I was so busy being a mom and a wife that I had forgotten how to be a blooming and confident woman. After two years of no makeup, no shopping, no manicure, etc… I was desperate, and I didn’t know how to look good anymore. That’s when I decided to find help and ask for enlightened advice. It was not easy, but I found some amazing and supportive professionals. It made me feel so good that I had to share these precious resources.

That’s how I organized my first beauty party, just for my friends and colleagues. We have come a long way since then and now we hope to share our experience with every woman in Shanghai!

What do you love about your product?

I love to see how our guests are transformed after a GLAMOURLAB experience. And I’m not only talking about makeup or hairstyle! What I love is to see how – beyond the appearance – their whole attitude changes. Confidence is something you can see in someone’s acts and smile.

Why should moms give your products a try?

I believe that being a mom is the most amazing thing that can happened in a woman’s life. However, it requires many sacrifices: you don’t come first anymore, and you spend most of your time working on your family’s well-being.

This is the most important of course but it doesn’t mean that you have to forget who you are. You deserve some “me time” too and GLAMOURLAB is the most glamorous (and efficient!) way to spend this time!

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Founder, “Baluchon”

How many kids do you have? How old are they?

My name is Nanou, I have been in Shanghai for 8 years, and I am the proud mother a little baby girl Daphnee, who is now 13 months. She was born in Shanghai, and we’ve been in total awe ever since 😉 She already helps me being a better person.

Tell us about your business

I am the founder of the brand “Baluchon”, which is THE sustainable alternative to plastic & paper wrapping. Whether you are offering a gift to a loved one with Japan-inspired gift cloth wraps, or in your kitchen with washable beeswax wraps and produce bags.

I hope to normalize the use of cloth wraps & cloth bags as the convenient, green & non-toxic alternative to the current excessive use of disposable plastic & paper.

We embrace the zerowaste lifestyle & encourage people to do the same, by proposing trendy zerowaste alternatives delivered to their door. The message is “Zerowaste CAN BE stylish & trendy”

What inspired you to start this?

I have been an environmental engineer for 10 years now, in France & in China, investigating soil & groundwater quality of industrial plants, landfills, illegal waste dumping sites, seeing firsthand what our waste do to our landscapes and our health. I was inspired by a trip to Japan with my husband, discovering the art of cloth wrapping, used for hundreds of years to wrap belongings and presents. I kept the idea in a corner of my mind for a while, then I woke up one morning having decided to do something about it! Baluchon was born.

I want future generations to look back at us using disposable paper and plastic on a daily basis and not being able to believe it! Like we do with things of the past that we can’t believe our grandparents actually did. Wrapping gifts in paper is nothing but silly, as paper is often impossible to recycle because of all the plastic and glitter in it. Plastic cling film is a nonsense, yet it is still the norm in most households: this HAS to change, and quickly.

What do you love about your product?

What I love the most about my products, both the cloth gift wraps and the food wraps is the fact that they are trendy, yet sustainable.

And that once you have tried them, you wonder how you haven’t been using them forever. They are simple, can be used by anyone, anywhere, there is no limit!

Why should moms give your products a try?

My products are perfect for parents and families, for many reasons. Every parent cares about his/her child’s health, so using non-toxic wrapping solutions is a must. Secondly, my products are also sustainable, which means your kid will learn sustainability not from a book, but from his/her own experiences, every day. Introducing sustainable products in your kid’s life early on, and it will feel totally normal for him/her all their life. The cumulative impact is HUGE. Parents are willing to leave a livable earth to their children and reducing waste via the use of green alternatives like Baluchon is one way of achieving just that.

We also have just launched a “Baobei Collection” of gift wraps for babies and kids.

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Essential Oils Wellness Coach, doTerra

Piano Teacher, RCMT Canada

How many kids do you have? How old are they?

Our lives were forever changed when we met my now 7 year old girl and 3 year old boy. I’m an essential oils wellness coach as well as a piano teacher.

Tell us about your business

I’m one of the only USA certified essential oils health coaches in China and use doTerra as my supplier of high quality pure therapeutic essential oils and health products. I coach people of all ages and backgrounds in private and group sessions. I’m also a classically training pianist and teach private lessons.

What inspired you to start this?

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve been teaching piano since the age of 13. Being pregnant and having young children forced me to cut down on piano commitments. At the same time, my own health issues (which led to hospitalization in the Shanghai Lung Hospital several times) was drastically improved when I started using doTerra essential oils. My passion and interest in oils was sparked and since then I have explored using natural solutions for a broad range of physical and emotional issues. The level of detail I was looking for in Shanghai was sometimes contradictory and dangerous so I decided to become certified myself from a leading independent USA essential oils expert. I suppose the years of teaching piano naturally evolved into teaching about essential oils and usage!

What do you love about your product?

I love that I’m helping others in making the world a more beautiful place in whatever small way that I can. Through our physical senses of ears, eyes, nose, touch we can improve our immediate reality and wellness. I teach ways to use oils topically, aromatically and internally to quickly and safely address a wide range of conditions for all ages – from immune support to sleep  issues to detox to cardiovascular and arthritis etc. My inspiration in oil coaching comes from the testimonies of our hundreds of oil members. Helping others on their journey toward better quality of life through holistic approach to wellness.

Why should moms give your products a try?

Take control of your family’s health from a holistic approach. Learn to treat conditions in a safe yet effective method suitable for all ages, all within a one hour session. There is ongoing support from myself and my team of qualified and experienced oil users. Super convenient and fun way to harness the power of nature backed up by scientific research and centuries of practical medicinal wisdom.  Learn how to harness the power of nature yourself, plus you, your kids and your home will smell amazing.

For personalized wellness consultations please contact Carol at WeChat: carolktan


Founder, “VISIONAIRE styling”

How many kids do you have? How old are they?

I just had my 1st baby boy (Luka Zivkovic/4.2 kg/53 cm long) on March 6th at age 39… I’m no longer a left over mom!  Yaaaayy!

Tell us about your business

With 2 decades of experience working in New York’s fashion world, I decided that the most rewarding aspect of the industry was not sitting in the front row at Fashion Week but rather empowering REAL women through the art of dressing. VISIONAIRE started out as a hobby…. A hobby that turned into a job that I LOVE. A Love of helping woman regain their confidence simply by stripping down to the core of who they REALLY are.  VISIONAIRE Styling embraces the individual rather than follows the trends.

-Personal styling & Private group workshops

-Corporate workshops (consultant for Theory, Helmut Lang, Conde Nast)

-Commercial & Editorial Shoots (ID magazine, Schon magazine, Vulkan magazine)

What inspired you to start this?

I owe the start of VISIONAIRE styling to a woman I met in SH 7 yrs ago in the locker room of the gym.  I was butt ass naked when she complimented me on my style & asked if i would help her build a wardrobe as she was getting ready to do a fellowship at the White House…

We discovered her true style (not what her friends, mother or BF thought she should be wearing) but rather what SHE felt good in…. We spoke about her pain points (we all have ’em, even Victoria Secret models) & agreed on her assets (her perky booty)!  What we came up w/ in the end was an updated, confident version of HERSELF! A few referrals later & the rest is history….. I LOVE seeing the changes in the way my clients’ stand in front of the mirror. Now, after having a baby myself, I believe all women are warriors & our bodies are truly amazing no matter what age, shape, size! We have the ability to actually make another human!!

What do you love about your product?

We are sand blasted by all these options…  I once had a complete melt down in Whole Foods trying to decide what kind of peanut butter to buy… cinnamon raison swirl, dark chocolate peanut, natural, organic, etc… the variety overwhelms us. The cinnamon swirl one wasn’t great… perhaps I should’ve bought the organic honey peanut butter instead???…. What happened to just crunchy or creamy? The opinions of our friends, hubbies, mothers, in-laws, etc… of what we should, could, would…. that we fail to listen to the most important person of all…YOU!

It’s not like I come in, throw out all your clothes & tell you that you MUST buy this season’s cold shoulder jumpsuit…  I strive to bring the best out of each client, focusing on their own personal style. With just a few simple tweaks & without spending loads of RMB’s on an entire new wardrobe, my clients can gain the confidence they deserve.

Why should moms give your products a try?

Moms are selfless, multitasking super heroes who always put their family 1st… Sometimes we lose touch w/ ourselves & lack the confidence we once had whether its because we never lost the baby weight or put our careers on hold… Giving birth was the most empowering experience of my life… I believe clothing can empower women too. If you look good, you FEEL good & that’s what’s important!